Get a Franchise


If you enjoy giving back to people and truly making a difference T.A.C.T. Is the right place for you.  Not only is this extremely fulfilling, it helps you build relationships and your brand.  Which in turn helps your business as well. 

As an owner, both you and your team of technicians will receive hands-on training to ensure each job is completed to the highest standards.  We will help you get ready to operate in your location.  You will receive consistent coaching, ensuring you will always know what to do on jobs and how to market.

This industry provides an opportunity for motivated leaders who are passionate about developing a hardworking team to start their own business.   

Joining T.A.C.T. you will have the opportunity to join the best cleaning company in the nation and make a difference in people’s lives every day.


What is T.A.C.T. ?

T.A.C.T. (Trauma and Casualty Team) is a biohazard remediation company.  Our franchise specialize in crime and trauma scene clean up, hoarding clean up, emergency vehicle decontamination, mold remediation, odor removal, tear gas clean up, and much more.

What makes T.A.C.T. unique from other biohazard companies?

T.A.C.T. has a low start up cost. Lower than other franchised biohazard companies. At T.A.C.T. we use the most up to date technology and training. T.A.C.T. also give’s the franchisee the option to become a full restoration company by adding water restoration to their revenue stream.

What support will I receive?

After the initial training class, there will be ongoing training and support for the life of your franchise.

How long is the process from the initial call to opening?

A lot depends on the franchisee.  Typically the process from the initial phone call to opening is three months.

How do I get work once I open?

There are a variety of ways to market you business and we teach all of them in training class. 

Will there be other T.A.C.T. franchises I have to compete with?

T.A.C.T. franchisee’s get a very generous exclusive territory to operate in and out of.